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Retail, Medical, Restaurant, Fitness Center Sites at Plano Gateway Center - Plano, TX.

aerial photo of plano gateway center in plano tx
Plano Gateway Center - Renner Rd and Shiloh Rd (NW Corner)
Tract 1, Plano, TX

Plano Gateway Center is part of the Plano Gateway development, a 120-acre of Renner Rd. and Shiloh Rd. in Plano, Texas. Plano Gateway Center is 13-acre site adjacent to the Race Trac service station.

Visit the Plano Gateway website for information about this exciting new development.

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Plano Gateway is located north of the 190 - the Bush Turnpike in the Research/Technology Crossroads of Plano, Texas. Located less than 2 miles from the new State Farm Regional Headquarters and the planned Raytheon campus, Plano Gateway is also in close proximity to the Telecom CorridorĀ®, Texas Instruments' semiconductor plant and the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). It is surrounded by thPlano Gateway logoe greatest concentration of high-tech talent in the DFW area.

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